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Web developer - Game developer
Elevator Enthusiast - SCP Fan

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About me

Hi, I am Erland. I develop websites and games focused on accessibility.
I live in Finland and my primary language is Finnish.




Information Technology in general


Languages in order of skill, using Wikipedia Babel scale.
  1. Finnish 🇫🇮 Suomi: Native
  2. English 🇬🇧 English: Professional
  3. Swedish 🇫🇮 Svenska: Basic
  4. Finnish Sign Language (SVK) Suomalainen Viittomakieli: Basic

Blog posts

Can it run doom? The standard test for displays and computers is Can it run doom?. \ Basically you try to emulate (Ru...
Website patch notes 1.3.x Ver. 1.3.0 Additions: Experience section Tags feature SPR page Some new videos to thanks page Some...
Personal Blog #1 SPR I am intending to join the First Aid team as a trainee when I turn 16 years old. I have always b...
Devlog #1 Magnesium FieldI have restarted working on MFRF after leaving it for a while. These are some feature...
First blog post Thanks for reading my blog

My accounts

Social Media

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Played servers

I am always looking for people to play games with!
If you want to join my gaming group, email
English only. Somewhere near/in europe preferred.



EmployerPositionWorkTime a vintage clothing search engineProgrammerProgramming webscrapersxxxx-xxxx
Taalintehtaan MarinaEmployeeCashier, CleaningSummer 2023
[Name withheld by request]N/ADocument ConversionFall 2023


Project NameAbbrTypeStatusActive
Erland['s] Research Facility(ERF)Roblox GamePrivate-2022?
Erland's Research Facility: Repowered(ERFRP)Roblox GamePrivate--
Magnesium Field Research Facility(MFRF)Roblox GameClosed BetaLate 2022Present
WikibotN/ADiscord BotOn hold-Present (Accessible Game Reviews)N/AWebsiteOn hold2023Present
Erland's UtilsN/ADiscord BotTemp. shut downEarly 2022Present
Former Roblox images

My certificates

First Aid (EA1 & EA2)Finnish Red Cross
Hygiene PassportFinnish Food Authority
Multiple. ViewGoogle for Developers
Moped license (Not yet completed)-

More about me

My interests Favourite series Fan of More of my favourite series, YouTubers and other celebrities I get the chills and feelings of anemoia when I browse abandoned/barely alive/on life-support websites (especially forums) either directly or through web archives. It's so weird to think how the websites had hundreds if not thousands of (somewhat) active users, but now the website is abandoned.
Some abandoned/barely alive websites I found:
I recommend visiting them to help them survive
More info about my volunteer work

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