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Arttu "Erland" Vento

Web developer - Game developer
Elevator Enthusiast - SCP Fan

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About me

Hi, I am Erland. I develop websites and games focused on accessibility.
I live in Finland and my primary language is Finnish.




Information Technology in general


Languages in order of skill, using Wikipedia Babel scale.
  1. Finnish 🇫🇮 Suomi: Native
  2. English 🇬🇧 English: Professional
  3. Swedish 🇫🇮 Svenska: Basic
  4. Finnish Sign Language (SVK) Suomalainen Viittomakieli: Basic

Blog posts

Can it run doom? The standard test for displays and computers is Can it run doom?. \ Basically you try to emulate (Ru...
Website patch notes 1.3.x Ver. 1.3.0 Additions: Experience section Tags feature SPR page Some new videos to thanks page Some...
Personal Blog #1 SPR I am intending to join the First Aid team as a trainee when I turn 16 years old. I have always b...
Devlog #1 Magnesium FieldI have restarted working on MFRF after leaving it for a while. These are some feature...
First blog post Thanks for reading my blog

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Played servers

I am always looking for people to play games with!
If you want to join my gaming group, email
English only. Somewhere near/in europe preferred.



EmployerPositionWorkTime a vintage clothing search engineProgrammerProgramming webscrapersFall 2022-Spring 2023
Taalintehtaan MarinaEmployeeCashier, CleaningSummer 2023


Project NameAbbrTypeStatusActive
Erland['s] Research Facility(ERF)Roblox GamePrivate--
Erland's Research Facility: Repowered(ERFRP)Roblox GamePrivate--
Magnesium Field Research Facility(MFRF)Roblox GameClosed BetaLate 2022Present
WikibotN/ADiscord BotOn hold-Present (Accessible Game Reviews)N/AWebsiteClosed2023Spring 2024
Erland's UtilsN/ADiscord BotTemp. shut downEarly 2022Present
Former Roblox images

My certificates

First Aid (EA1 & EA2)Finnish Red Cross
Hygiene PassportFinnish Food Authority
Multiple. ViewGoogle for Developers
Moped license (Not yet completed)-

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More of my favourite series, YouTubers and other celebrities More info about my volunteer work

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